About Us


In 1982, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles anxiously awaited the birth of their first son, the future King of England, I too, eagerly awaited the birth of my first son.

As worldwide attention focused on the pending birth of the next heir to the British throne, I felt the same excitement about the upcoming birth of my son. His birth was just as important to me as the birth of Britain’s royal baby was to the world. In my eyes, my future son was my “Royal Baby”. I knew that countless others, awaiting the birth of their own children, felt the same way.

After shopping for my newborn son, I quickly discovered how difficult it was to find truly special baby gifts and clothing. Trips to various baby boutiques and upscale department stores left me disappointed by my inability to locate the type of gifts I wanted to bestow upon my son. As a result of my personal experience, I decided to create the ultimate baby store for everyone’s Royal Baby.

As I struggled to find the perfect name for my retail concept, I recalled the worldwide attention given to Prince William. I reasoned that if one imagined the ultimate baby nursery, one would visualize a nursery of royalty, Prince William’s Royal Nursery, filled with very special gifts for a royal baby. From this simple premise, the name The Royal Nursery was born.

Twenty-nine years after the creation of The Royal Nursery, and after having stores in five locations, The Royal Nursery has transitioned into an internet-only store. Now, with the birth of Prince George, The Royal Nursery has come full circle from when Prince William’s birth inspired me to create “The Royal Nursery”.

Our goal, at The Royal Nursery, is to provide you with an unsurpassed selection of the most unique, creative, and unusual baby gifts available. Whether you choose a set of our traditional wood alphabet blocks or our exclusive Solid Gold Feeding Spoon, your gift from The Royal Nursery will always be appreciated and well received. Many of our gifts will become treasured heirlooms, destined to be passed down to future generations.

Everything sold by The Royal Nursery has been carefully evaluated by us, before being offered to our customers. Our philosophy is very simple: The Royal Nursery only features items which we would personally give to our own children, or as gifts to others.

In an ongoing effort to serve you, the staff at The Royal Nursery welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you are having difficulty locating a particular item, have a special need, questions or comments, please contact us via email, fax or post. You may also reach us by phone, at 858-756-0100.

It is our desire to provide you with an exceptional on-line shopping experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by featuring only top quality merchandise, superior customer service and a very simple return policy. Our bottom line: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from The Royal Nursery.

As a family business, we appreciate your business and remain grateful that you have chosen The Royal Nursery for your purchase.

Mark D. Johns
Founder, The Royal Nursery

P.O. Box 720866, San Diego, CA 92172